A relaxing trip through the clouds



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Cloud is a game of exploration with some simple puzzles mixed in. It has been created by thatgamecompany, developers of titles like Journey and Flower. In it, you control a small child with two very special skills: flying and interacting with the clouds.

The game consists of several levels in which you have to fly through the sky while interacting with clouds. In the first level, for example, the mission is to bring a particularly bright cloud together with other clouds to create a larger cloud.

In another level, however, you have to take many smaller clouds and create different shapes in the sky with them. The gameplay, in any case, generally asks you to fly through the sky and move the clouds from side to side.

Visually, Cloud is a very nice title, which has thatgamecompany´s finger prints all over it. While not as spectacular as Flower or Journey, it does have some outstanding graphics.

Cloud is an entertaining title that tries to get closer to the concept of interactive experience than create a traditional video game.
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